Belinda has approximately 17 years of experience in the educational field. She began her professional career as a teacher of elementary school age children as well as early childhood, having many years of experience as a preschool and kindergarten teacher. In 2002, Belinda became a school psychologist, obtaining a masters specialist degree in school psychology and continues to work as a school psychologist.

While working as a school psychologist, she also become a Licensed Educational Psychologist, and a Diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology. Belinda has always focused on the 'Whole Child', taking into account the child's developmental needs when making recommendations for educational planning.

Belinda has extensive experience in the development of behavioral support plans to support children with behavioral difficulties. She has been part of providing direct behavioral interventions to children with behavioral needs and has run many social skills groups, incorporating the Second Step Program principles. Belinda has been part of many Student Study Team meeting and IEP meetings where staff collaborate to support a child's needs and develop appropriate, individualized educational interventions. Belinda always takes advantage of opportunities for professional growth and has completed further training in the field of school psychology, obtaining training in the field of school neuropsychological assessments. She is currently a diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology.

Belinda enjoys working with children and their teachers and parents, working toward the common goal of supporting the child by addressing their unique needs through interventions so that the child can reach his or her potential. Having a background in the areas of both education and psychology allows Belinda to focus on the whole child, gaining valuable information about psychological functioning and applying that information to the child's educational experience.